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Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Read Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash In November of 2011 Fantagraphics released the first volume of its much anticipated long promised series reprinting in its entirety the syndicated run of Walt Kelly s classic newspaper strip Pogo Pogo Through the Wild Blue Wonder immediately became the company s best selling book of the last five years Exactly one year later the second volume Pogo Bona Fide Balderdash will be released featuring all the strips from 1951 and 1952 With sources found for the elusive strips in the past our scheduling downfall we re confident that these collections will become an annual affair Even though Pogo had been in syndication for less than two years as this volume begins Kelly s long professional experience including seven years creating Pogo stories for comic books had him at the pe. The problem with the passage of time is the built in bug feature which makes it very easy to forget things One reason for this is as time passes the number people who were present for those events decreases over time With fewer first hand counts we need to dig through artifacts of those past times and frankly that s hard so usually we will lazily accept whatever the accepted narrative of a particular time is When I was a kid my ideas of my mother s childhood she was born in the 50s were filled in by the Leave It to Beavers Father Knows Bests and Donna Reed Shows of the world These television shows presented a sanitized view of 1950s America where the worst could happen would be that the Beavers of the world would steal a penny candy from the local druggist only to be found out and given a life lesson lecture by Ward to close the show Of course as a grade school kid watching these reruns on the local UHF channel I had no concept of On the Road Naked Lunch and Howl the smoldering sexuality presented by the likes of James Dean Marilyn Monroe and a young Marlon Brando or the civilization shattering idea of Elvis Presley shaking his hips while singing on The Ed Sullivan Show Instead thanks to 50s television I just bought the accepted notion that everyone liked Ike and dissent wasn t a thing that existedOf course with age comes wisdom and eventually if you dig enough you find out that the sanitized view of culture often has its own political ramifications By the time I was watching those old 50s sitcoms in my tween years the Beavers of the world had become the parents and they likely had their own reasons for trying to portray the world of their childhood in this way I worked under the impression that my parents generation had perfect lives my parents lives and the suicide of one of my mom s friends shattered that view inexorably in my young adulthood I wonder how I could ever have been so naive Unfortunately in post World War II America the narrative of a country still divided by racism didn t fit with the preferred narrative of a white bread America defender of the free world Sexuality would only undermine this notion of the nuclear family of a mom a dad and 25 children although since Lucy and Desi didn t share a bed where did that baby come from anyway This was the age of Seduction of the Innocent and the Comics Code Authority so censorship was in full swing won t someone think of the children With all of this mind if there was going to be a voice of dissent why not put it in plain sightEnter Pogo By the time Walt Kelly started working on the syndicated Pogo newspaper strip in 1950 he effectively had given himself a daily soap box to espouse his personal politics and philosophy However in the 50s you just couldn t come out and say it so Kelly dressed it up in cute woodland creatures of the kind that had started his career at Disney and then was deft enough to layer the strips in such a way that what looked innocuous was actually subversive as hell Take the I Go Pogo arc that takes a good part of the 1952 dailies This became popular at universities and ushered in a series of Kelly speaking at universities and as a result growing the readership of Pogo in the process But the joke here is that I Go Pogo is as vacuous a campaign slogan as I Like Ike which doesn t really communicate anything important about the candidate and has been re used ad nauseum by the likes of Jeb Bush JEB and my local Cleveland favorite Dennis Kucinich Dennis Of course this slogan and associated campaign pins lead to the swamp denizens trying to draft Pogo into running for President of what I m not even certain the citizens of Okefenokee know and hilarity ensues As I stated in my review of the previous volume these techniues would later be used in strips like Bloom County but unlike that strip Kelly subtly weaves his political dissent in a strip that sometimes becomes so strange that it disarms its targets in the processUnfortunately in the years since Kelly s death in 1973 we collective we here have mostly forgotten about Pogo Unlike Charlie Brown Pogo never became the ubiuitous star of stage and screen jumping from the newspaper page Like I stated in that previous review had it not been for Alan Moore s run on Swamp Thing I might not even have gone down this path which would be a shame since Kelly has had as much influence on comics as Schulz Moore and Will Eisner among others

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Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash

Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Read Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash As meticulously restored and reproduced as in this new series Bona Fide Balderdash also reprints literally for the first time ever in full color the two full years of Sunday pages also carefully restored and color corrected shot from the finest copies available This second volume is once again edited and designed by the cartoonist s daughter Carolyn Kelly who is also handling much of the restoration work It includes a new introduction by the legendary author recording artist and satirist Stan Freberg who was not only a friend of Kelly s but the voice of Albert the Alligator in the I Go Pogo Pogo for President movie There will also be extensive annotations by comic strip historian and expert RC Harvey as well as additional historical information from writer Mark Evanier. I Go Pogo for the poignancy of the characters relations the ridiculous situations the multitude of fractured historical geographical and political references the pseudo scientific foo fa rah and just for being loveable Read the biographical and explanatory material surrounding the comics as well it is not to be missed I was brought to tears by the personal story behind Kathryn B in the December 8 1952 strip and rereading it made me love the characters and the artist even I hate that I have to wait a year for volume 3

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Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash Free download ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Read Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol 2 Bona Fide Balderdash Ak of his powers and this book features page after page of gorgeously drawn hilarious vaudevillian dialogue and action among the swamp denizens as well as Kelly s increasingly sharp tongued political satire especially on display during the 1952 election season Kelly was famous for his prolific creation of recurring characters and by the end of this second volume the count will already have topped over one hundred New arrivals include Tammanany the Tiger the voluble PT Bridgeport the sinister Sarcophagus MacAbre with his funereal speech balloons Uncle Antler the bull moose and Bewitched Bothered and Bemildred the adorable trio of bats The two years of daily strips in this volume have been collected before but in now long out of print books; and even there they were not. Great classic newspaper comics