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Respire AUTHOR Anne-Sophie Brasme Free read Î 104 Anne-Sophie Brasme ☆ 4 Free read characters Ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Anne-Sophie Brasme Charlène ist dreizehn Jahre alt als sie Sarah zum ersten Mal begegnet und sie ist von der Ausstrahlung dieses Mädchens sofort gebannt Zw. We know at the beginning of the book that Charlene has killed her best friend What we don t know is why In the beginning we meet Charlene in her prison cell She admits what she has done and she doesn t seem to be remorseful From there she begins the story of her life from a shy child to a haunted adolescent Sarah an American French girl comes into Charlene s life in high school and from then on Charlene s life is doomed This was an interesting novel Short but really long enough What interested me was that the novel claimed to be about obsession and how that can take over one s life However it seemed to me that Charlene wasn t really obsessed she was taken over by Sarah and as much as she tried could not escape the hold that Sarah had on her Sarah is not really an innocent in this story as you think at the start She is pretty evil and knows it She treats Charlene rottenly and finds it amusing It s interesting That s really the best word I can find to describe this story

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Respire AUTHOR Anne-Sophie Brasme

Respire AUTHOR Anne-Sophie Brasme Free read Î 104 Anne-Sophie Brasme ☆ 4 Free read characters Ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Anne-Sophie Brasme Ein grausames unerbittliches Spiel mit ihrer Freundin zu treiben gegen das sich Charlène schließlich nur noch auf eine Art zu wehren wei. This review can also be found at I read therefore I am Breathe is a book I had heard much much good about Weirdly enough when the movie came out in theaters last November I didn t hear anything about it not even a trailer or something but lately I ve seen and bloggers reading the book and being totally amazed by it so it made me curiousSo this book tells the story of Charl ne who at the age of 19 has already spent two years in prison for killing her best friend this is no spoiler it is announced within the first chapter From her prison cell she digs back into her memories and explains how she an insignificant ill at ease girl became against all odds best friends with Sarah the beautiful and popular girl and how their relationship became and unhealthy so much that Charl ne had to kill Sarah to get out of her gripMy thoughts on this one are a bit paradoxical although I really liked it a lot I still feel a bit disappointed because it didn t struck me the way I thought it would I guess that s because I read so many dithyrambic review saying how powerful and emotional this story was that I really was expecting to received a huge flood of emotions while reading it and when it didn t happen it WAS emotional for sure but certainly not to this extent I couldn t help feeling disappointed Yet I wouldn t like you to think that I found this book disappointing because it wasn t I really liked it actually That is why it is so paradoxical I liked it a lot yet I am still disappointedAnyway Let s move on to why I liked this book The first is the topic it deals about and the psychological aspect inherent in it The author goes deep into analyzing the unhealthy relationship between Charl ne and her best friend how it evolves the different steps it goes through and why Charl ne is staying still longing for Sarah s attention and prone to forgive all her wickedness and cheap shots even though from an external eye it s obvious Sarah is manipulative and definitely not cares for Charl ne as a real friend would doWhile reading I couldn t help putting myself in the main character s shoes and trying to imagine how I would have reacted if faced with the same situation Charl ne has anxiety lacks self confidence a lot and is longing for recognition and appreciation These are feelings I am unfortunately familiar with so it definitely wasn t hard to identify with her And I m pretty sure that even if you don t find the slightest bit of yourself in the heroine you can also put yourself in her shoes uite easily because the author s writing style has that power I do hope the translation did it justice You feel Charl ne uneasiness and Sarah s magnetism This book really is beautifully written and I am so admiring the author who wrote it when she was no older than 17I am however wondering if starting the book with Charl ne revealing that she is incarcerated for Sarah s murder was the wisest choice I mean I wonder if the book could have been powerful and emotional if the story was told not retrospectively but as it happened so we can see the relationship between the two girls getting and unhealthy and destructive without knowing how far it d go and how it d end I wonder if I d have had the flood of emotions I was expecting to get then Well I ll never know but I am seriously wonderingIn short Breathe is a book I wholeheartedly recommend because it deals with an important topic Unhealthy relationships like the one between Charl ne and Sarah are common than one might think yet they rarely are tackled by books and when they are it mainly concerns romantic relationships not friendships So for this sole reason I believe this book deserves to be read I recommend this book to you if I recommend it to everyone

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Respire AUTHOR Anne-Sophie Brasme Free read Î 104 Anne-Sophie Brasme ☆ 4 Free read characters Ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Anne-Sophie Brasme Ischen den beiden entspinnt sich eine tiefe Freundschaft die doch nur einen Sommer währt Denn plötzlich beginnt die machthungrige Sarah. I think the idea behind this novel is really good a young teen s obsession with another teen leads to murder and prison I did think that the obsession part was handled well but the ending was abrupt It ends with the murder and the discovery of the body but doesn t explain how she is caught and exactly what her sentence was This is not a book that answers the uestions that it raises with the reader which isn t always a bad thing but for me it kept me at a distance in this book Overall this is a uick read about obsession which teens in particular are prone to and it s worth reading just for the subject if it s something that interests you