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Summary Revelry Taint #1 108 Read & Download Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ß Carmen Jenner Read & Download Revelry Taint #1 Ed package wielding PA throws everything off balance Ali Jones is having a craptastic life Her grandmother died leaving her homeless penniless and alone and her boyfriend left her for a tramp who takes her clothes off for money That’s why when she lands her dream job at a record company it seems like it’s too good to be true Because it isSlapped with an ultima. TITLE RevelrySERIES Taint 1AUTHOR Carmen JennerGENRE Contemporary Romance New AdultRELEASE DATE May 25th 2015MY RATING Complimentary Copy Provided by the author in exchange for an Honest Review What happens on tour stays on tour Hang onto your panties ladies because Cooper Ryan is almost hereHe s hot He s arrogant He s Sexy Az Sin He s a manwhore He s a rocker and he ll most definitely get those panties wetIn true Carmen fashion she brings the characters alive with her Aussie humour and that s what makes this author so uniue Zed and I grew up together Levi found is in highschool and Ash joined the band when we were eighteen and just out of high school COOPER My stomach muscles got a hard workoutI haven t laughed so much with one book in years I laugh humourlessly I m not having a baby It s just a bit of wax How much can it hurt Oh na ve Ali Your vagina is covered in wax Wax that is stuck to your skin and going to pull your pubic hair out by the roots She smiles It s gonna hurt like a motherfucker Now lie back and think of England No sooner does she say this than she grabs the corner of a strip of wax and rips it up The pain The searing pain that brings water to my eyes and pulls a scream from my throat MOTHERFUCKER Ali He pulls a pack of cigarettes from the inside of his jacket sticks one in his mouth and lights up Good God What is it about this man It s like he just oozes sex from his tense yet oddly cool posture the full lips pursing around his cigarette to those blue grey eyes that seem to read me entirely too well Everything about him makes me want to take my clothes off He s cunning and smart and I don t trust a man who can make me wet with a single smirk No good can ever come of that There are so many laugh out loud panty wetting over the top scenes in this book who knew that THREE hot rockers get off in a circle jerk and does this actually happen Because that would be something I would pay to see Hot damn This is where all THREE of these rock gods stood in a circle and jacked themselves off in cupsYep you read that right This is one crazy hot rocker tour bus ride We don t normally do that shit there were extenuating circumstances at play She tilts her head to the side Zed wanted to see whether Levi produced come than the rest of us You re serious Yeah I saybecause I thought that much was obvious What is wrong with you guys You didn t find that the slightest bit gayCarmen Jenner doesn t hold back when it comes to the panty wetting antics of Levi and Cooper in a threesome at the back of the tour bus Phew fans vagina that was fucking hot These boys are going to kill me and I couldn t care less Ali One week and I ll have you naked beneath me your legs wrapped around my hips as I drive into you and you sink your nails into my back one week Ali Cat and I ll be seated balls deep inside you and you ll be screaming my name as you come COOPER In some ways they both own pieces of my heart it s making them fit together that s the challengeALL GOOD THINGS COME IN THREES TORN BETWEEN TWO MEN This feisty little range is going to own my balls and store them in her handbag and I m going to let her because I was a fucking goner the second I saw her glaring up at me from the floor of the conference room COOPER

Read & Download Revelry Taint #1Revelry Taint #1

Summary Revelry Taint #1 108 Read & Download Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ß Carmen Jenner Read & Download Revelry Taint #1 Cooper Ryan is living the dream Between the parties with rock royalty booze groupies and performing to crowds of thousands with his band Taint life seems pretty sweet There’s just one thing missing the feisty little red head that took his baby and ran off with his heart Throwing himself into music is the only thing keeping him sane Until a run in with a nonpluss. 45 Stars I m losing my mind I m sinking drowning and on fire all at once I m split down the middle torn in half by two different men two different bodies pushing and pulling me in all directions breaking me down and then lifting me up again shoving me into the fire and soothing my scorching flesh with their kisses that act as a balm I hope you re sitting down as you re reading this because what I m about to tell you will shock the hell out of you You ready IjustreadalovetriangleandIactuallylikedit Did you get that Because after all my blustering about never reading it I think I just died a little inside admitting it But holy shit leave it to Carmen Jenner to make me love it Somewhere right now my friends hell is surely freezing overI wish I could tell you I was shocked by the fact that it was this author that made it happen but considering just how much I love her writing it really isn t all that shocking Carmen s characters are anything but conventional Her heroines are sassy sharp witted potty mouthed little hellions And her heroes are to die for alphas with just that right touch of vulnerability She s not afraid to go outside the conventional lines with her stories She thinks outside the box and that s what makes me love her books as much as I do She ll go there Where most authors will shy away from certain scenarios she charges into these things like a bull and knocks it out of the fucking park I love it But enough about my fangirling and lets get onto the review shall we This feisty little ranga is going to own my balls and store them in her handbag and I m going to let her because I was a fucking goner the second I saw her glaring up at me from the floor of that conference room I just have to hope like hell she doesn t realize it If you ve read Enjoy Your Stay then you ll remember Cooper Ryan the sexy rockstar that lost his girl and his child to man from his woman s past And if you haven t read it no worries because this book and series stands on its own Left broken hearted and jaded Cooper never wants to feel that way again He ll never let himself get that vulnerable again But when a sexy redhead literary comes stumbling into their meeting he seizes the opportunity to make her one of his contract demands He wants her as the band s PA even if she s glaring daggers at him at the mere mention of itAli Jones hasn t exactly had the best year Her boyfriend cheated on her with their stripper roommate She s lost her grams and is now living out of her car with her grandmother s cat that clearly hates her guts As much as she loves the industry and dreams of managing big names one day the last thing she wants is to get on a tour bus with the too cocky for his own good rockstar Even if he makes her nether regions go all aflutter You re one of those Alpha holes aren t you What the fuck is an Alpha hole You know one of those bossy dicks Everything has to be my way and I ll blindside you with how fucking sexy I am so you won t see it coming when I slap you upside the head with my big cock and my bullshit about how I own your pussy and you belong to me and blah blah blah The banter in this book alone is worth 5 stars I was laughing like a loon the entire time reading this and couldn t stop Carmen Jenner really brought her A game with this series Holy shit It was hysterical There was a certain circle jerk incident then there was a certain waxing incident and through it all I was laughing so hard I had honest to gawd tears in my eyes Because Cooper is inebriated and I m not I need to back awayright after he gropes my boob I mean his hand is already under my shirt it would be rude not to let him In case you haven t caught on yet yes this book is a love triangle For a reader that avoids the mere mention of LT like a bad case of the clap believe me when I tell you that it was handled well Well enough that even this picky bitch loved it There was no leading the reader around by the nose about who she might pick There was no leading on of both men and wishy washy twatty heroines Hell no If authors wrote love triangles this way I d probably read them a whole lot As much as I loved Cooper Levi the rockstar with the giant cock heart of gold stole my heart just the same I simply couldn t get enough of him and his BOD What s BOD you ask Allow me to clarifyAll clear now Great Fuck Red I been wanting to bend over the sweet arse and fuck you for weeks nowI think your giant cock might break meIt s not gonna break youWell that s easy for you to say You re not the one who might spend the rest of your life in a wheel chair because all your lady parts fall out when you stand up after having that monster of a thing inside youYou re really hurting his feelings now The story is told in alternating POVs from Cooper and Ali and it really allows to fall for these characters no matter what their faults or uirks may beThere s plenty of other things that happen aside from the romance between them but the romance was definitely the focus It never deviated from it and even though another man was involved it never took away from the main couple What it did do was add an absolutely sizzling touch to an already hot as fuck romance Did I mention there s some hawt MFM scenes Oh yes my pervy friends this book had it all The only reason I m not giving it a full 5 stars was because I wanted just a little bit from that ending It s definitely satisfying enough but I still wanted I guess I m just greedy like that I m not sure if their story will continue in the next book or Ali and Coop will just be featured in it but whatever it is I ll take it view spoilerThough I really hope that Levi will be next Because if I don t get my hands on his book soon I ll probably cut a bitch For reals I m that desperate hide spoiler

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Summary Revelry Taint #1 108 Read & Download Ý eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ß Carmen Jenner Read & Download Revelry Taint #1 Tum Ali must decide if facing the horror of the unemployment line is a fate worse than going on the road with four rowdy rockers hell bent on making her life misery He’s adored by millionsShe’s not even loved by her catCan they ignore their hatred long enough to survive the tour from hell Or will their chemistry force everything to come crashing down around th. I received an ARC via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review Thank you 35 75 stars Before any of you read or go into this do know that there is a love triangle and that there is MFM action in it I know for some of you it s a hard limits of yours and normally for me as well but strangely I loved this one It didn t unnerve me or deter me at all Cooper Ryan Hmm doesn t that name ring a bellRemember Holly s ex and Pepper s rocker daddy from The Sugartown Series Yep this is him alrightAnd yet ANOTHER FEISTY RED HEAD has caught his eye Surprise surprise So Cooper Still reeling from a broken heart Cooper drowns himself in his band booze and anything to numb out the pain and memories of herHiring a crass mouthed new PA was never a part of the plan his plan to be exact but neither is the crackling attraction they feel for another OR the resemblance she bears to Holly The one that got away and shattered his heart Enter Ali Jones Ali is shit out of luck and lives out of her car with her deceased grandmother s cat who hates her guts Taking up a job with rocker s new royalty Taint is the last place she wants to be but the only ultimatum keeping her from being cold and flat out homelessNow with Cooper taking an interest in her and also a fellow band mate of his pursuing her at all costs which path will Ali s heart choose Will there be one broken heart Two Or possibly even threeAnd with echoes of the past coming back to haunt Cooper will he once again strike out twice on love Or will it be him and Ali against the worldAfter all all s fair in Love Sex Groupies Paparazzi And Rock N Roll baby I hope Levi or Zed s story is up next