Die Liebhaberinnen (NEW)

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  • Die Liebhaberinnen
  • Elfriede Jelinek
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  • 26 September 2020
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Free read Die Liebhaberinnen 109 Read & Download è E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ Elfriede Jelinek Free download Die Liebhaberinnen Rigitte suporta cu stoicism viata alaturi de Heinz un betiv greu caracterizabil ca apartinand rasei umane Alegerile facute de cele doua in cautarea unui barbat vor avea rezultate surprinzatoare In roman casatoria copiii iubirea sunt desfiintate c. Reading Jelinek is intoxicatingly corrosive like drinking the bleach and discovering that it tastes like your favorite microbrew I wasn t able to make it through The Piano Teacher or Wonderful Wonderful Times It turns out that this was the book for me Whereas the previous two were like dense slabs of wasp studded fruitcake this was like a sprightly chiffon cake laced with strychnine I have a soft spot for books that are deeply sad yet manage to be funny in a horrible inappropriate way think babies as maggots In an attempt to give this review some constructive value I ll note that the book a withering feminist treatment of marriage and baby making was originally published in 1975 It may or may not read as dated Really are things so different now In a lot of ways yes they are But that also depends on where and how you grew up Also independent of the feminist angle Women as Lovers is a scathing indictment of class injustice and constricting soul destroying social paradigms It was good times

Free download Die LiebhaberinnenDie Liebhaberinnen

Free read Die Liebhaberinnen 109 Read & Download è E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ Elfriede Jelinek Free download Die Liebhaberinnen U o cruzime iesita din comun si cu o violenta rar intalnita la vreun alt autor contemporan Lipsa oricarei urme de fericire intr o relatie este vazuta ca normala fiind o realitate de necontestat pe care o ascundem din ipocrizie si superficialitate. It was a good novel Jelinek describes the suffering of women in traditional villages in Austria I was astonished how they have similar problems and position as in the 3rd world villages women had no future there neither present they dreams of a man poor and ignorant one that would be able to save them and give them better position she shows us how they treat women badly beat her punish her and rape her they consider a woman just a body she talks about 3 examples Brigitte who got her goal at last even though that her goals were so simple Paola became a pregnant and suffers with her husband who was rough and drunk all the time he was handsome but soon he lost his charming she then started to sell her body so as to get money to get her goals but on the contrast she was divorced and returned to the factory where Brigitte had begun her life in Elfriede Jelinek shows us how women dreams of men and consider them their heroes who can bring them all their wishes and the kingdoms they dream of but that kingdom was not that perfect nothing but cleaning dirt and preparing food they both obliged their lovers if they were loving them to marry them by being pregnant of them this novel depicts the false virtue that those villagers claimed and punish their girls for such false reasons while the truth is each family brought their children in illegal way it is obvious that the author refused such community and made fun of the fate of those simple women another example was Zuzana who was a well educated young woman and she at last found a suitable man as if the writer considers marriage the final fate of each woman she describes marriage preparation as those for a funeral ceremony it was similar to a psychological analysis for those simple peoplecheck this for details

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Free read Die Liebhaberinnen 109 Read & Download è E-book, or Kindle E-pub Þ Elfriede Jelinek Free download Die Liebhaberinnen Povestea celor doua eroine ale romanului Amantele Paula si Brigitte se petrece intr un orasel austriac de munte Aparent cele doua femei au caractere cu totul diferite Paula refuza orice conformism fiind mult mai aplecata spre experiment pe cind B. I had promised myself never to touch a Jelinek again after suffering through three of her novels for a Nobel Laureate reading project And then I signed up for a class and she was part of the repertoire and I reluctantly ordered the copy knowing I was in for some pain and brutality For a Jelinek novel this one actually contains less sadism than expected but the everyday humiliation of women is almost painful to follow as it is common and recognisable than her outlandish storylines As long as there are still women in the world who identify mainly as accessories of men as objects to be treated and mistreated at the whim of almost gorilla like males as carriers of offspring conceived without pleasure and brought up to perpetuate the pattern of submission and dominance Jelinek can t be discarded as unimportantHer writing style is sharp acid brutal and honest in a hateful way She is not showing off and glorifying the sexual predators and their victims in the monotonous and boring manner of Bret Easton Ellis but pointing to the lopsided reality within our society thus making a political statement with her literary pain and meaninglessnessShe has her place in world literature I am not going to dispute thatBut I hope I won t need to read of her ever again for whatever reason for she makes my stomach turn