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Read & Download The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anthony McCarten ✓ 4 Read Free download The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World Congregate in the Sistine Chapel to pick his successor Their unlikely choice Francis the first non European pope in 1200 years a one time tango club bouncer a passionate soccer fan a man with the common touchWhy did Benedict walk away at the height of power knowing his successor might be someone whose views might undo his legacy How did Francis who used to ride the bus to work back in his native Buenos Aires adjust to life as leader to a billion followers If as the Church teaches the pope is infallible how can two living popes who disagree on almost ev. I am not Catholic but I was swept up in the story of these two popes McCarten does a wonderful job telling intermingling their histories as well as the history of the church He respectfully satisfies the curiosity one has for the secret Vatican traditions and then catapults the reader into the meat of this event what came before to cause it and the impact it has had and is still having on the world This is a story I honestly didn t think I cared about but has become one of my most moving reads of the year

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Read & Download The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anthony McCarten ✓ 4 Read Free download The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World Erything both be right Having immersed himself in these men's lives to write the screenplay for the upcoming motion picture The Pope Anthony McCarten masterfully weaves their stories into one gripping narrative From Benedict and Francis's formative experiences in war torn Germany and Argentina to the sexual abuse scandal that continues to rock the Church to its foundations to the intrigue and the occasional comedy of life in the Vatican The Pope glitters with the darker and the lighter details of one of the world's most opaue but significant institution. The Two Popes written by Anthony McCartenNine out of 10Pope Francis has just been in the news and not for some challenge to the conservative establishment and doctrine of one of the oldest institutions in the world representing a community which is larger than one billion although they talk in this very good movie about the loss of men and women who abandon the Catholic church in the Western world albeit seem to adhere in the emerging countries where they discuss about ways to adapt to difficult circumstances such as allowing priests to marry in remote parts of the A couple of days ago around New Year s Eve a woman had grabbed the pontiff and he was uite upset about it apparently slapping her hand twice only to apologize to her later in a public sermon showing again the kindness gentle nature that we are used with and which is portrayed in this film nominated for four Golden Globes to be awarded in a matter of hoursabout twelve including for Best Motion Picture Drama Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for Jonathan Pryce and Supporting Role for Anthony Hopkins Best Screenplay for Anthony McCarten and many other important awardsJonathan Pryce is memorable as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio first and then Pope Francis in a complex role for if we had known about the modest friendly side of the leader of than one billion faithful we have the chance in this feature to see him mournful thinking of a tragic past in his home country Argentina during which he had tried to balance a concern protective attitude towards his priests with the need to allow some Jesuits to continue their work for castaways which had been stigmatized by the military junta and in his painful actions the leader of the Jesuit community of the time seems to have helped although inadvertently the dictators in their mission of torturing those who oppose them including the priests that have been temporarily suspended by the younger BergoglioAnthony Hopkins is eually admirable in a character that appears less charming if at all than the South American clergy Cardinal Ratzinger who would become Pope Benedict a controversial figure insulted by many as a Nazi facing multiple challenges from his statement that appeared to incriminate Islam as a violent faith to the scandals plaguing the Vatican Bank pedophilia people in his entourage and his own tolerant approach to the crimes of priests who have been just moved from one parish to another after victims had accused them of sexual misconduct or worse rape abuse and so on with the view that it is better for tens or hundreds to suffer than for millions to lose their faith and ultimately their resurrection after deathIn fact in one of the many scenes they have together Benedict would confess to Bergoglio and vice versa with the former repentant of his role in the cover up of so many cases of sexual abuse though it is not clear if the cardinal Ratzinger just had some of the evidence on his desk and sinfully abhorrently ignored it or and to what extent he might have been actively engaged in saving the monsters while Bergoglio talks about what happened during the junta when he had tried and saved multitudes but he was still guilty of exposing a few in his efforts to work with the officers in trying to convince them to let us say execute fewer than they had intended people who opposed the regime would be summarily shot clergy included then they disappeared apparently thrown from military planes into the ocean never to be recoveredThe satisfaction of the viewer would be mostly intellectual although important doses of sentimentalism would be inserted in the plot of a narrative that has the two men confront each other for a good while only to become excellent friends after some debates initially they seem to stand for two opposite views of the future of the church with Benedict an arch conservative and the Argentinian cardinal an exponent of the progressive view which he has manifested recently when he showed understanding for homosexuals divorces and other categories making Benedict uite upset with the public statements of the South American who has an answer for everything when challenged on the issue of homosexuals the divorced Bergoglio retorts with uotes from the scriptures mentioning the need to help the ones who need it most the most sinful or words to that effectThe uestion that the public might ask would be how accurate this rendering of private conversations which might represent 40% of the dialogue might be even if on the other hand the writer does show he has a brilliant imagination and the profiles meet with the public perception we are not actually shocked by revelations that if we thought Ratzinger to be intellectual aloof somewhat cold anyway when compared with the Latin counterpart in the film he turns out to be such an emotional effervescent fun loving extroverted man no he eats alone something that Bergoglio does not understand and mentions among the main things he would do differently if he had the role and enjoys a rather peculiar show on television Rex about a German shepherd police dog that solves crimesBenedict looks like he has no sense of humor when he jokes he has to explain that this was a German joke so it does not have to be funny and in this case he is amusing but apparently under the influence of his warmer modest kind friend he begins to see things differently he would even watch a football game with Bergoglio by then Francis in spite of the fact that he had declared that he had never understood the passion for that gameThe film is better than uite a few of the other nominees for the Golden Globe such as Knives Out or even Once upon a Time in Hollywood well if you ask this cinephile many others have been enthused and love that Tarantino movie though it does not rise to the level of Parasite of Portrait of a Lady on fire both retold at

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Read & Download The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Anthony McCarten ✓ 4 Read Free download The Pope Francis Benedict and the Decision That Shook the World From the Academy Award nominated screenwriter of The Theory of Everything and Darkest Hour comes the fascinating and revealing tale of an unprecedented transfer of power and of two very different men who both happen to live in the Vatican SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING ANTHONY HOPKINS AND JONATHAN PRYCE In February 2013 the arch conservative Pope Benedict XVI made a startling announcement he would resign making him the first pope to willingly vacate his office in over 700 years Reeling from the news the College of Cardinals rushed to Rome to. interesting book highlighting the lifes of the two popes Francis and Benedict where for the first time since 15th century there was 2 living popes