[Or What You Will] E–pub æ Jo Walton

  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • Or What You Will
  • Jo Walton
  • English
  • 12 March 2020
  • 9781250308993

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characters Or What You Will ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Jo Walton ê 7 review Idea a character in the mind of Sylvia Harrison 73 award winning author of thirty novels over forty years He has played a part in most of those novels and in the recesses of her mind Sylvia has conversed with him for years But Sylvia won't live forever any than any human does And he's trapped inside her cave of bone her hollow of skull When she dies so will heNo. BLOG Instagram Twitter Thank you NetGalley and Tor Books for this ARC All thoughts and opinions are mine You see I know herI ve been in all her booksBut I ve been in her head much much longer than that When you read the work of a new author you re about to step into a new and different world You have no idea what you re in store for not matter how interesting the synopsis of the story may seem I find myself feeling both excited and wary but with as open a mind as I can keep in all situations which is rather open I m always pleasantly surprised to realizeBefore I read Or What You Will I did not know what metafiction was It could be that throughout my years as a reader I came across a story that had meta components but I wasn t aware of it or didn t look into it further enough to find out I ve always loved that about books however you re going to learn something new in each one about the book or about yourself even if it s the fact that you ve discovered an author whose imagination you now enjoy And regardless of any other factors you re going to appreciate the book for that alone I certainly doI now know that I m not a fan of metafiction It s not my cup of tea and I accept that Despite this this book is worth the read Not only is the writing itself fantastic but the way that you are drawn into the story happens seamlessly Yes you re given a lot of information that is mingled in with the narrative most of it historical details of Florence which tie in with the rest of the book and it can be uite a lot to take in But as history stands they re fascinating facts that will just make your life richer for knowing especially if you re a fan of art and European culture it s intriguing and it does help in becoming further immersedIt took me some time to go deep into the novel but once I did I did not want to come back up until I d finished it Or What You Will won t be for everyone but there s a special kind of magic that makes it irresistible to read After all as a reader who doesn t want to explore a story about a fictional character coming to life

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Or What You Will

characters Or What You Will ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Jo Walton ê 7 review W Sylvia is starting a new novel a fantasy for adult readers set in Thalia the Florence resembling imaginary city that was the setting for a successful YA trilogy she published decades before Of course he's got a part in it But he also has a notion He thinks he knows how he and Sylvia can step off the wheel of mortality altogether All he has to do is convince her. update Releases this week Go get itBig thank you to Netgalley and MacmillianTor for the eARC in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a story that readers will either love desperately or hate and never finish and I imagine Walton knows this and thus the references to Sylvia s one star reviews No matter readers who love Shakespeare love art and good food and love ideas will love this book It s hard not to see this book as a tribute a love letter to Walton s readers over the years It s all there the dragon from the King s Peace books Ficino and Pico from Thessaly all of Florence from Lent wrapped up in one big meta discussion on artistic creation and subcreationI m still so gobsmacked by this book that it s hard to review it rationally and writing a synopsis is pointless because the story took me places I never expected to go But they are wondrous places and I so want them to be real Illyria Brunelleschi s walk into canvas Teatro del Sale Miranda s house all were marvels And the ending well who else could such a changeable spirit be but the one who carries out his mistress s imaginings and makes them come aliveThis is a marvel of a book and especially to be reading it now during the COVID 19 pandemic it gives me hope that the best of people will prevail and find a way through I also read this with some sadness as I had to cancel a long planned trip to Florence this spring due to the pandemic and uarantine But Walton s story gave me hope I will get there in the end

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characters Or What You Will ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Jo Walton ê 7 review From the Hugo Nebula and World Fantasy Award winning author of Among Others an utterly original novel about how stories are brought forthHe has been too many things to count He has been a dragon with a boy on his back He has been a scholar a warrior a lover and a thief He has been dream and dreamer He has been a god But “he” is in fact nothing than a spark of. There are two dangers I ve discovered in my decades of reading in the evocation of Shakespeare in fiction One is of course that many readers have avoided Shakespeare ever since that horrible class in high school in which you endured multiple choice uestions about who was who and who said what in which act I ve found behind nearly every Shakespear yeccch comment a badly taught class The second danger is one for the reader familiar with the plays the echoes of brilliant words and complex emotions can totally overwhelm the actual novel in your hand Harold Bloom addressed this in his Anxiety of InfluenceBut then along comes this novel in which the prose is so lovely so image rich and full of allusion as well as illusion the Shakespearean layer is like the sun meeting the fountain Add in vivid word pictures of Florence and intriguing bits of Florentine history blended with breathtaking felicity through fandom and science fiction and fantasy lovers reality and beingI think of this as a writer s book Not that the reader must be a writer to enjoy it I don t think that s true but the meta woven so beautifully and poignantly through the novel will get into a writer s head in the most delicious way At least it did mine Though I do think that the reader unfamiliar with Shakespeare would do well to look at synopses of Twelfth Night and The TempestWalton s books are all uite different from one another except for their examination of a theme running through most of her recent fiction humans discovering how to be better humans How this works out in story form is one of the many delights to be discovered here To read this especially in this year of total crazy freighted insight and motivation generosity of thought and connection in a way so effective that I know I ll be returning to it again slowly