KINDLE [Inhale, Exhale.]

  • Paperback
  • 540
  • Inhale, Exhale.
  • C.L. Matthews
  • English
  • 20 December 2020
  • 9781087817934

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Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » C.L. Matthews C.L. Matthews » 4 Read & Download Read & Download Inhale, Exhale. S But neither of us kept them This is not one of those happy stories Life isn't made of simple choices and happily ever afters It's a dark place It's. I m most likely going to be in the with my feelings for this book I choose it as a challenge book because of its content And yes it had about things I usually avoid like the plague However none of them are the that I just found this to be an read Go figure So let s with the good I think this author is a writer Many people will L O V E this book and rightfully so The pacing was considering it is a book I really liked and I really liked The plot had me g a few times All good things However I also had a f ssu s with the story One I found the a lot of times out of seuential order and the to be confusing and V to the story There were also scenes hr r d m that had baring on the story For example view spoiler Jase catching Toby in highschool that comes at 80% into the book hide spoiler

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Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » C.L. Matthews C.L. Matthews » 4 Read & Download Read & Download Inhale, Exhale. I do Two words woven in love In sickness and in health For better or for worse Til death do us part And death dragged us apart We both said those vow. This book had one of the most unredeemable male cheaters EversSpoilers aheadSo whilst heroine was lost in the grief of losing her daughter and her mother the cheating crap that was her husband was having an affair for a YEAR with her BEST FRIENDThe heroine was understandably numb and grieving with two major deaths which included the death of THEIR daughter but the cheating scum was worried about himself He knew he was going over boundaries when his talks with that nasty ow started becoming intimate but he willingly crossed over into physical intimacy with no real guilt He filed divorce papers and told h he wanted a divorce after he had done the deed with the ow but he never submitted it later saying because he knew that h was the love of his life We get to read about him the first time having sex with ow them staying at hotels and having sex two or three times each time before he heads home to his wife He even admits to getting so lazy and complacent that he doesn t even bother to hide the smell of sex or the scratch marks the ow deliberately leaves behind He even takes of his wedding ring because the ow doesn t like him wearing it He admits to bring in love with the ow that she owns some of his heart but hey we are supposed to maybe sigh because he then thinks that h owns most of itnot all of it obviously since the ow owns some of it He had sex with with ow only TWO DAYS BEFORE he has sex with h when everything comes out and he spills the beans when h uestions him He doesn t tell her it s with her best friend though She leaves and later sleeps with his brother to be honest I actually felt happy because her cheating husband deserved to have a taste of the betrayal she felt after she found out who he had been sleeping with I loved their son the poor little mite had known about his father and the slutty friend for awhile as slutty ow s daughter who was his friend told him that she saw her mum and cheater bastard one morning together dry humping in the kitchen He decided not to tell as he knew his mother was already growing through so much I loved what he told his cheater father when he talked to him That while he was sleeping with another woman and playing father to her daughter he had been neglecting his own wife and children who needed him He also told him how he doesn t respect him as a man any because he showed him that vows are not taken seriously He told him he will never forgive him for his weak behaviour and letting them all down The cheater was suitably shamed by his own 14 year old son The scum freely admits he didn t want to end things with ow because being with her was so easy compared to being in a marriage The h gave good jabs at him when he said she shut him out and how long was he supposed to wait She told him he should have waited until she was ready She was tempted by his brother but never gave in because of her love for H but he folded after promising to always be there for her The ow has always been obsessed with H which h didn t know about so she slowly burrowed her way into his life even The son was right when he called her a whore I love that bit when he called her that during his chat with the cheater scum and when the cheater scum tried to rebuke him for calling the ow that the son interrupted him and said she was one because she deliberately integrated herself knowing he was a married man with children just because she wanted him He also called his father out for being weak just because a pretty woman was giving him attention and not being the strong man he should have been by being there for his wife who needed him In the beginning we have a scene where cheater is remembering a scene where he was with ow in a hotel room and ow was telling him not to use a condom He contemplates it but in the end decides that going bare is the only thing he has ever done with his wife and he won t do it even with ow He thinks about how much he still loves his wife and that if she ever found out about the affair she will never forgive him but going bare with the ow would totally break them up if she ever found out We as a reader know the ow at this point was most likely trying to get pregnant hence why she didn t want him to use a condom Apparently that was the last time he had sex with ow which was two days before he has sex with his wife and everything comes out The ow causes problems with saying she s pregnant and trying to kill the h I would have liked the book if h ended up with the brother as he seemed to really love her This H no matter how much he says he regrets the cheating and not being there for his wife and children was not there for one of the worst things that can ever happen to a woman He proved that his marriage vows didn t stand the test of time when instead of being loving and supportive he decided to have an affair with her best friend initially just for fun but then admits emotions got involvedHe later grovels and says that now he realises he never loved the other woman but she was there and healed the bits that were broken WHAT THE HELL DOES HE MEAN Does he mean that he thinks chatting and spending time with ow was the right way to heal He was emotionally cheating on h with ow even before he physically slept with her if he had truly loved h as much as he kept saying throughout the book he would have stopped that shit straight away before it got to the sex stage He was obviously enjoying the sex with ow too much and emotionally invested in her so much so that he could bear to see her cry The only thing he did that was slightly likeable about him was the fact in the end when he saved h over the ow without any uestion but to me it still doesn t make up for over a years cheating and the complete shit that he was as a husband and father

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Download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » C.L. Matthews C.L. Matthews » 4 Read & Download Read & Download Inhale, Exhale. Not easy It's full of mistakes and lessons It hurts And in the end those two words said in love are the same ones said in hate You want a divorce I. Never have I ever felt the way I did and still do about this book especially while reading it I was suffocating in pain and fear and anxiety Ripped apart by the dynamic and heartbreak and true what the fuckedness of these characters They re flawed SO flawed But that s what makes it hurt worse because they re human And humans put people through this type of pain every day I m just not used to reading about it so fully and with so much depth as what CL did in thisI m wreckedTotally utterly hungover and ripped apartCL Matthews this is one for history books