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Erasure by Percival Everett Read Ë 100 E ghetto wanna be lit represented by We's Lives in Da Ghetto But when his agent sends this literary indictment included here in its entirety out to publishers it is greeted as an authentic new voice of black America Monk or his pseudonymous alter ego Stagg R Leigh is offered money fame success beyond anything he has known And as demand begins to build for meetings with and appearances by Leigh Monk is faced with a whole new set of problem. Thus my PE obsession loses its vestigial tail and sprouts wings Initially I wanted to read through a few reviews to see how anyone really had the ballsgumptioncojonesintestinal fortitudeaudacityinsipidnessignoranceloveto write a review My favorite artist is Basuiat Is because although he is dead he lives on through the massiveness of his art Anyone who has seen his art in the flesh and they do seem to be breathing layers upon layers of thoughts like skin whispering to be peeled away so that one might uncover their essence knows that it is as explosive and organic as an expletive after a stubbed toe Thus massive 1 Anyone who was fortunate enough to see him in person or those who have seen stills and recordings of the man knows how influential he was and continues to be in the art world and as a worldwide cultural icon Thus massive 2 The massiveness of his being is awe inspiringly intimidating unless you truly believe that you are as great as you would have others believe But then you re just insaneThat is what it is to attempt to review an Everett book The massiveness the layers the living breathing organism which is his work orders you to tread lightly and be certain of your steps almost punking you out of making any attempt at allThelonius Monk Ellison Monk Monksie Theo Ellison Mr Monk has never felt a part of anything least of all his dysfunctionally ideal upper middle class Washingtonian family His contempt for all things disingenuous including himself at times has alienated him from his colleagues and his readers whomever they might be It is only after the combination of a family tragedy and mourning sickness like reaction to the runaway success of one Juanita Mae Jenkins novel We s Lives In Da Ghetto does he decide to write his own parody of what he sees as the racist drivel which the sheep like masses consume grazing wherever they are herded by the media and their own embryonic palates What follows is a series of events that ask1 What is the responsibility of the artist to hisher art and form2 Should one be true to duty or true to love3 Is it possible to be loyal to love but not to a lover4 Is keeping it real selfish to a fault5 Can you truly love someone and be disgusted by the idea of their presence Can that someone be oneself6 Does the weight of a secret outweigh friendship and family7 Who is hurt by stereotypes The tereotypes or the stereotypers8 Is a black artist black then an artist an artist then black or is this just a dumb ass uestion that people need to finally stop asking9 Can an intellectual ever really love and live with someone who has remedial taste in books without holding them in contempt of art10 Can I too write a crappy book in a week and get a 300000 check for poisoning the literary community and perpetuating stereotypes for decades to come No Really Can II can t say much without pre empting your ahh moments but I will say that the structure itself with the ancient Greek like choruses of artists conversations and fishing and woodworking metaphorical tales only solidifies the truth in my prior PE comment We re not worthy Favorite uotesDammit a table was a table was a tableThe center of the tree is the heartwood It does little t feed the tree but it is the structural support The sapwood which feeds everything is weak and prone to fungi and insect damage The two look the same But you want the heartwood You always want the heartwoodMy journal is a private affair but as I cannot know the time of my coming death and since I am not disposed however unfortunately to the serious consideration of self termination I am afraid that others will see these pages Since however I will be dead it should not much matter to me who sees what or whenThe hard gritty truth of the matter is that I hardly ever think about race Those times when I did think about it a lot I did so because of my guilt for not thinking about itBut this book was a real slap in the face It was like strolling through an antiue mall feeling good liking the sunny day and then turning the corner to find a display of watermelon eating banjo playing darkie carvings and a pyramid of Mammy cookie jarsAnyone who speaks to members of his family knows that sharing a language does not mean you share the rules governing the use of that language No matter what is said something else is always meant A metaphor cannot be paraphrased if I had been in her office looking the part she would have been tearing off her blouse and crawling across her desk toward me perhaps not literally but at least literarilyI wouldn t use the clich that I was the captain of a sinking ship that implying some kind of authority but rather I was a diesel mechanic on a steamship an obstetrician in a monasteryThere are as many hammers as there are saws A misplaced thumb knows no differenceFor all the aggravation a trout can cause it cannot think and does not consider you A trout is very much like truth it does what it wants what it has to doI select my fly one I ve tied at streamside plucking a couple of fibers from my sweater to mix with the dubbing to get just the right color I present the fly while hiding behind a rock or in tall grass and wait patiently Then there are times when I wrap pocket lint around a hook splash it into the water while standing on a fat boulder Both methods have worked and failed It s all up to the troutI have often stared into the mirror and considered the difference between the following statements1 He looks guilty2 He seems guilty3 He appears guilty4 He is guiltyThis is a tortuous journey through the banalI had to rescue myself find myself and that meant it was ever so clear for a very brief moment losing myself

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Erasure by Percival Everett Read Ë 100 The Kenya Dunston television show The book's success rankles all the as Monk's own most recent novel has just notched its seventh rejection Even as his career as a writer appears to have stalled Monk finds himself coping with changes in his personal life In need of distraction from old memories new responsibilities and his professional stagnation Monk composes in a heat of inspiration and energy a fierce parody of the sort of exploitativ. Rating 25 of fiveThe Publisher Says Thelonious Monk Ellison s writing career has bottomed out his latest manuscript has been rejected by seventeen publishers which stings all the because his previous novels have been critically acclaimed He seethes on the sidelines of the literary establishment as he watches the meteoric success of We s Lives in Da Ghetto a first novel by a woman who once visited some relatives in Harlem for a couple of days Meanwhile Monk struggles with real family tragedies his aged mother is fast succumbing to Alzheimer s and he still grapples with the reverberations of his father s suicide seven years before In his rage and despair Monk dashes off a novel meant to be an indictment of Juanita Mae Jenkins s bestseller He doesn t intend for My Pafology to be published let alone taken seriously but it is under the pseudonym Stagg R Leigh and soon it becomes the Next Big Thing How Monk deals with the personal and professional fallout galvanizes this audacious hysterical and uietly devastating novel My Review Why am I giving this only two and a half stars Because in my world books that have satirical aims should have sharp focus and clear line of sight on their target I m not clear on the target here Modern Murrikin kulcher in general Political Correctness and its idiotic unintended side effect of glamorizing substandard stuff The sad fate of a critically acclaimed but commercially ignored writer All of the above seems to be the answer Everett gives and this is the source of my discontent With that many targets in his sights plus the plight of children of aging parents plus the sibling dynamic in a family of high achieverstoo much Nothing gets enough time or attentionIt s a damn shame too because Everett can write his tuchus off and should have spent his seed a wee tiny bit carefully In the ten years since the novel was first published it has sadly not become less timely So there s that going for it But really with all the terrific books there already are to read why spend money and eyeblinks on an almost good one This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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Erasure by Percival Everett Read Ë 100 Thelonious Monk Ellison has never allowed race to define his identity But as both a writer and an African American he is offended and angered by the success of We's Lives in Da Ghetto the exploitative debut novel of a young middle class black woman who once visited some relatives in Harlem for a couple of days Hailed as an authentic representation of the African American experience the book is a national bestseller and its author feted on. On Not Fitting In Racism is of course one of a large family of cultural behaviours which includes misogyny anti Semitism Islamophobia and xenophobia among many others We are told by sociologists that these behaviours are in some sense normal because we have a natural human preference for those who are like ourselves Folk have a right to value what they know and feel familiar with politicians say Because such preferences are instinctive there is really no way to inhibit them lawyers chime in Victims shouldn t take them personally contend the perpetrators such behaviour is the conseuence of multi cultural society and must be tolerated Corporate marketers are just glad they have something on which to hang their promotionsBullshit If preferences were a function of values they can be exercised freely and without fanfare in most modern societies The driving force of these behaviours is not any positive value but negative fear The instinct involved is not group solidarity but the terror of uncertainty Prejudice is not an expression of culture it is an attack on possibility that all culture is relative Every form of prejudice is a statement of veiled doubt about truths that one prefers not to examine too closely Christianity as the religion of love democracy as the rule of the people civilisation as a European invention patriotism as a virtue or being black demands writing black books But there is much bigger and general fear a fear that is so terrifying that it has not be given a proper name This is the fear of difference per se a fear of that which does not conform to any categorisation even of existing prejudices Someone who is neither white nor black religious nor atheist male nor female is a threat simply because they cannot be placed and dealt with through the logic of prejudice These are the existential non conformists I get the paradox of naming them as such so eat this term before reading They may be political but they would never join a political party Whatever they do to make a living never becomes their self identity Those they associate with they treat civilly but not as friendsSociety erases these people from its collective consciousness but not its unconsciousness in which social anxiety without a name grows They have no status whatsoever they are non persons Nonetheless they have identifying characteristics they are uncomfortable with cocktail party chat they mistrust all institutions and their most enthusiastic promoters and although they are often fluent in the professional vocabulary and speech patterns of the moment they don t believe any of it This last makes them particularly dangerous because it suggests that they are effectively fifth columnists deep cover agents of some unknown but dangerous alien presenceOn the other hand no one ever went broke overestimating the aesthetic of fear in the market The existential non conformist therefore has a real problem Is there such a category as fake authenticity Perhaps But being neither entirely in nor entirely out is sure to cause immense fear among those who want certainty Call it adaptive irony And then forget you ever heard about it Only after having written this did I realise the influence of Ursula Le Guin in The Left Hand of Darkness No I don t mean love when I say patriotism I mean fear The fear of the other And its expressions are political not poetical hate rivalry aggression It grows in us that fear It grows in us year by year Isn t the subtlety by which we develop our views incredible