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  • 06 August 2019
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SUMMARY Three Men on the Bummel í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Un sacco di guai in una vacanza costellata di colpi di scena e soffusa di umorismo inlge. This book was about how three men tried to live off the lamb by different forms of crookeryEnjoy

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SUMMARY Three Men on the Bummel í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Olta niente barca si va in bicicletta Tre avventurieri pasticcioni pronti a ficcarsi in. Not as hilarious as the boat adventures but still worth a read

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SUMMARY Three Men on the Bummel í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Il viaggio esilarante di tre amici molto molto inglesi ha come metà la Germania uesta v. Before our little jaunt into yesteryear I must confess miss the irreplaceable dog and his charismatic presence this seuel to Three Men in a Boat a hilarious story lacks the forward charge of the indomitable animal human than many where is the fearless leader Montncy Three Men on the Bummel stroll has our good friends a decade later older but not wiser yes fatter richer but still eager to get away again from dear cold England A pleasant adventurous bicycle trip around Germany they plan particularly the ominous nevertheless interesting Black Forest of mystery and myth J and Harris are married their wives show no disinclination to the idea in fact they secretly welcome it a pleasurable break a vacation too for the spouses and children of the unlovable if truth be told men Sounds real nice the two must be annoying husbands Still George the bachelor has only an old aunt who cares the trio after the usual long discussions useless talk and the procrastinating finally get under way two bicycles and three men no problem one is a tandem bicycle they ll switch often to keep themselves fresh it s a solemn agreement Arriving by boat in Hamburg then Hanover and later going to intriguing BerlinStaying in hotels and inns farmer s foul barns if nothing else is available imagine the rather strange smells they encounter still the animals don t mind the boys too much thoughIn the famous and illustrious capital of the nation the men are uite disappointed with the city no grandeur exists a plain ordinary metropolis Germany has clean towns somewhat humdrum but they re fascinated by the German people law abiding citizens following the rules set by their superiors mostly the police These men are god like to them never would they dare to disobey the children boys all want to become mighty policemenThe reserved Germans polite and remote to foreigners love eating and drinking becoming often so drunk the revelers need just a little help to get home Even boisterous students are encouraged to do the same a long tradition gladly followed by the boys at the universities Sword dueling a tradition in school clubs students are happiest when they receives bloody scars on the face proud to show his friends basking in their admiration the girls flock to him he is brave a real manIn the legendary Black Forest the clueless trio become very lost indeed can t tell which way is north or south or east or west neither Exhausted climbing a steep hill to get their bearings embarrassed seeing the village the men just left a short time ago yet try again the same galling results the magical village appears once Hour after hour of hiking they can t find a route out a storm comes thunder and lightning the rains pour down and the soaked men seeking shelter under a tree cold and wet miserableThe curious owner of the nearby restaurant wonders why they didn t come in from the downpour Better go get the odd strangers Englishmeneveryone says on the continent are all mad